January 20, 2021

Your CSR subscription is on its way! We are back from pandemic mode and have completed update #54 containing the latest hearing examiner and court decisions from late 2019 through 2020.
If you have questions about your subscription, please contact me by using the contact page or email Elizabeth at johnston@lynntx.law.

If your City has received any decisions from Hearing Examiners since January 2020, please email them immediately to Elizabeth at the email above, so that we can include them in the next issue of the CSR. We are planning on releasing update #55 in late May 2021.

The CSR staff is working diligently to complete the task of preparing the Reporter for an online version. If you are interested in further information about this new service, please contact Elizabeth at her email.

We will be watching the 2021 Texas Legislative session that has just gotten underway.

We will be paying particular attention to potential changes to the various civil service laws that are covered in the CSR. We will also be following developments in other City-related laws, especially those applicable to police and fire employees. We will be reporting on these developments at our website, as they occur, so please check our website periodically.
Thank you,
Bettye Lynn

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